2011 in Photos – 22

And now time for chapter 22 of this epic journey. I thought I had taken seven photos this week, but alas I only took six. Oh well. Eventually I will take more and fill a week for the first time since January. In the mean time, check out what I do have here.

May 28 – Football! Yup, I covered some football. However, because this was only a fun jamboree, I only swung by for photos and to chat with the coach afterwards. Nothing fancy. When the fall rolls around, I will get more and better football shots. Until then, this is all you get.

May 29 – Man, lacrosse is a hard sport to shoot. Really. It’s faster than hockey, I’ve learned. And a player running up the court is rather boring, which is different than in hockey. Then again, a player skating up ice is also a boring shot, but it’s a bit less boring. Anyway, I chose this shot because the Westlock player, 72, is flying to make a hit.

May 30 – The thing that butterfly is resting on is the back half of a deer carcass. We got a call to a motorcycle v. deer collision. The motorcyclist was injured, but survived. The deer? It was sawed in half. Gross dude, gross. Or, as I said when I got back to the office, “Who want’s deer entrails?” Nobody was interested. I can’t figure out why.

May 31 – It’s just a pole. I like it because I was having focus problems with the lens I was using, but somehow I managed to focus on this pole, which must have been at the very edge of the MFD.

June 1 – Geez, there have been a lot of dunk tanks around lately. Here is another example. The girl missed, in case you were wondering.

June 2 – French horn! That is all.

June 3 – No photo. I broke the streak hard, it appears.

More to come soon.