2011 in Photos – 21

And we’re back for another chapter. I’m going to cut with the pleasantries and get right down to brass tacks. Enjoy.

May 21 – No photo.

May 22 – No photo.

May 23 – No photo.

May 24 – Ahh, baseball. It’s been over a year, I think, since I’ve seen the Blue Jays play live at the Skydome. So, watching the Westlock Red Lions is the next best thing (I guess…?) to that. Well, here’s a play at second, with the Red Lion player (in black) trying to steal second. He was thrown out.

May 25 – It’s sort of football season here. The guy in the jacket is Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ offensive lineman Simeon Rottier, coaching two boys on the Thunderbirds football team. Rottier and Edmonton Eskimos centre Gord Hinse were in Westlock to help guest coach the T-Birds. I didn’t talk to them, but it was neat to see some real CFLers.

May 26 – This boy had his long hair cut off to donate to have turned into a wig for children with cancer. He looked like a girl beforehand. I kid you not. The photo we ran in the paper announcing his donation really looked like a girl. And his name, Codie, didn’t help matters either.

May 27 – Graduation. I chose this photo because of the girl in the yellow. She’s tiny, but her dress just absolutely poofs out once you hit the skirt portion. I liked the look.

And that’s chapter 21. Stay tuned for chapter 22.