2011 in Photos – 19

Time for round 20. This collection features several interesting photos, including the first photo I’ve taken on a day off that was actually for a story. Yes, I did actually do real work on a day off. Not finishing off my work, but an entirely new story. Shocking, I know.

On to the photos.

May 7 – No photo.

May 8 – Here is that photo I was talking about. On a Sunday, I headed down to Edmonton, with a stopover in St. Albert to pick up my new bike. I was going to Edmonton to watch the Westlock Red Lions play their season opener, and then report on it for kicks. The best part about shooting baseball outdoors? You can shoot at 1/1000 without having to jack up the ISO. It’s wonderful. Except for the fact I probably should have tried to up the shutter even faster here, since there is still some motion blur. Oh well.

May 9 – No photo.

May 10 – No photo.

May 11 – So, within the first two to three weeks in Westlock, I was offered the chance to go on an RCMP ridealong. Well, I never followed through on that for a long time. I’m not too sure why, I just didn’t. That changed on this day, when I finally did it. It also helped that we were running an emergency services section, so it fit right into our plans. This is a shot, done without a functioning flash, of the officer who took me out, as he’s examining a broken down truck.

May 12 – Rugby is an interesting sport. Here is a shot from a practice I attended. Sorry, but I don’t have much more to say about it after the essays I wrote on the last two photos.

May 13 – No, this is not from a car crash. Instead, it’s the car that was set up at the high school’s Carnival to be attacked with a sledge hammer. It was pretty interesting watching the kids have at it. However, it wasn’t all that great, because the kids were only allowed one hit each. I mean, lame!

And that’s the week of May 8-13. I hope you liked my photos. Of course, there will be more coming in the next few days as I get them off my camera and onto this blog.