2011 in Photos – 18

Check it out! More photos!

April 30 – A band of fiddlers came to Westlock, as part of a fundraising concert for the high school’s music program. I thought this girl was absolutely the most expressive, and needed to be ‘immortalized’ in our paper.

May 1 – I went to a Ukrainian dinner at the Legion. And I saw these eggs.

May 2 – Water polo at the local swim team’s practice. Well, it was more of an open house, but whatever.

May 3 – The Village of Clyde is apparently a happening place politically these days. Here we have the new deputy mayor getting sworn in after the former mayor resigned rather than be deposed by the remaining four councillors.

May 4 – No photo.

May 5 – A school in a nearby hamlet held its annual author night, where the books the students wrote were on display, and in some cases, read by the students to their family. Here a grandchild is reading to her grandparents. Adorable, no?

May 6 – No photo.

And that’s that. More will come eventually.