2011 NHL Playoffs – Round 2 Recap

Alright, this time I will have my recap out before the conference finals begin.

It was an interesting second round after the excitement of the first round. Think about it. Both winning teams in the East won in sweeps, while in the West, both series went at least six games.

Anyway, here’s my recap.

Eastern Conference

(1) Washington Capitals v. (5) Tampa Bay Lightning

I picked: Capitals in 6

In reality: Lightning in 4

I really thought the Capitals would have at least won a game. I thought Alex Ovechkin would have been hungry after the Russian team’s faceplant in the Olympics and the Capitals’ collapse against the Habs last season. Apparently I was wrong.

(2) Philadelphia Flyers v. (3) Boston Bruins

I picked: Flyers in 7

In reality: Bruins in 4

Just like last year, the Bruins took a 3-0 lead against the Flyers in the second round. Unlike last year, the Bruins didn’t collapse. I hate this result. I hate the Bruins, especially after watching them knock out my Habs. Now that they’re closer to the Stanley Cup, my hatred is even more virulent. On the bright side, at least the Flyers have no shot at the Cup again. Small mercies, I say.

Western Conference

(1) Vancouver Canucks v. (5) Nashville Predators

I picked: Canucks in 6

In reality: Canucks in 6

Hmm, so I got something right this round. It was a bit harder than I expected, but nothing like the near complete chokejob the Canucks almost pulled against the Blackhawks in round one. The best part of this is that there is a one-in-four chance a Canadian team will win the Stanley Cup this year.

(2) San Jose Sharks v. (3) Detroit Red Wings

I picked: Sharks in 7

In reality: Sharks in 7

Well, the Sharks held on and avoided being the fourth team ever to lose a series after winning the first three games. Give the Red Wings credit, they battled and proved how strong a team they are, but it was again the Sharks’ time.

My second round record stands at 2-2. And for the entire playoffs, I am 7-5.