2011 in Photos – 17

Back at it again. This is a very Jarvie-centric post. Why? Because all the photos were taken at the same school on three consecutive days. I swear the former student teacher up there must have thought I was stalking her.

April 23 – No photo.

April 24 – No photo.

April 25 – No photo.

April 26 – No photo.

April 27 -I went to a school board meeting. The band performed. I shot the band. This is the result.

April 28 -Dausen Kluin has cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped him from living a fulfilling life and pursuing his dream of being a world champion arm wrestler (yes, that apparently is a big deal for some people).

April 29 – You know that joke about a guy standing in a park, wondering what that thing he could see was that was getting bigger? And then it hit him? Well, that’s the deal with this photo. I wanted to get someone throwing the ball (in a dodgeball tournament), so I focused on this girl. Well, that ball you see clocked me a second after I took the shot. She has bad aim, and didn’t believe that she had hit me.

Well, that’s another week. Pretty bad, if you ask me. Only three photos? I will do better soon.