2011 in Photos – 16

Let’s see now. It’s time for another installment of the photos I have taken in 2011. I have thus far failed to shoot every day, but I am over 60 per cent (I think).

On to the display.

April 16 – Thanks to that snow dump we received the previous week, the local golf course was covered in snow. However, looking at this picture, you wouldn’t really know this is supposed to be a golf course.

April 17 – No photo.

April 18 – More badminton. Again, I chose one where you can see the shuttlecock (such a funny name).

April 19 – No photo.

April 20 – No photo.

April 21 – This photo is deliberately out of focus on the girl at the back. Why? She’s the girl who played Sandy in the high school production of Grease, so I figured she has already received enough attention. In this shot, the girls are singing Dala’s “Levi Blues.” Now you know why I shot them.

April 22 – No photo.

Thanks again for stopping by. Check back in a few days and I’m sure there will be something new for you to see or read.