The difference makeup and glasses can make

Being out in the world as I am, I often see people in various states of appearance.

Some I may see in their pajamas sans makeup and their hair a total mess, and then the next day I see them perfectly made up.

Well, here I have a perfect example of what makeup and glasses can do to a person’s appearance. They change is so striking, to me, that when I found out she was the same person I had to compare her two looks. And I have to say I still can’t believe it’s her.

Anyway, below the cut is the “before” and “after” photos.


And now…


So yeah. Can someone please tell me that the difference is substantial and that I’m not crazy? And, naturally, as you can figure, I’m not going to tell you her name. That wouldn’t be nice or fair. On the other hand, simply posting her photo isn’t necessarily nice or fair, but … yeah. I don’t know.