2011 in Photos – 14

Welcome back. I hope you’ll enjoy these photos. I like some of them, and I hope you will too.

April 2 – Isn’t she just a total cutie? I found her at the local ski hill. Alas, I could not take her home with me.

April 3 – Ugh. Potholes. There are a lot of them in Westlock. We’ll see if they get fixed this year. My suspicion is they won’t.

April 4 – No photo.

April 5 – No photo.

April 6 – The elementary school in the Village of Clyde is getting a new playground this summer. This is what part of it will look like.

April 7 – An annual tradition here is a dress-up basketball game. Here is some of the players playing in costumes. Frankly, I thought it was pretty lame.

April 8 – And you’ve all seen this photo recently. No need to explain anything more.

Keep coming back. Eventually I will be up to date. Or closer to it.