2011 in Photos – 13

I want to apologize before you read through this post and gaze at my photos. There are only two this week. Pathetic, I know. But it happens from time to time (far too often, you might say). Anyway, let’s get this train wreck rolling.

March 26 – No photo.

March 27 – No photo.

March 28 – No photo.

March 29 – No photo.

March 30 – There was a job fair in town. This woman was there looking for jobs for her kids for the summer. The man behind the table was more into it than his colleague was, it appears.

March 31  – A graduation ceremony for people who otherwise had barriers to education. Standing in the background is our mayor.

April 1 – No photo.

I promise there are more photos to be shown in the 14th chapter of this chronicle I am compiling. There really are. There aren’t seven, but there are more than two. Please check back for them. They will soon see the light of day.