2011 in Photos – 11

And we’re back.

This was not a good week for my photo record, which you can see with the three photos on display. Oh well, it’s the nature of the beast as a working stiff. And it also means I had the March 12-15 weekend off, which perfectly explains why those dates have no photos.

March 12 – No photo.

March 13 – No photo.

March 14 – No photo.

March 15 – No photo.

March 16 – With the end of winter approaching, and the snow starting to melt, town crews were out clearing storm drains to make sure the streets don’t flood.

March 17 – Out here there is a big track and field meet held by the Edmonton Journal, and the elementary school sent a boys and a girls team to compete. This is them practising.

March 18 – More hockey. I can’t for the life of me remember what level this kid plays, or even who he is. However, I do know he is sharply in focus.

Please keep checking back occasionally to find more of my photos documenting my life here in Westlock.