2011 in Photos – 10

Time for part 10.  Eventually I will manage to have a photo for each day. Until then, here are five photos for the week of March 5-11. Enjoy.

March 5 – I absolutely love this photo. This is what happens where the lighting is in the right place relative to where you are. I took this photo at the local high school’s performance of Grease. This is Sandy, singing “It’s Raining on Prom Night.”

March 6 – No photo.

March 7 – No photo.

March 8 – This is a book, apparently. It was made by a local book artist, so I suppose I can trust her judgment.

March 9 – Don’t you just love seeing our national police force in its red serge? I know I do.

March 10 – Winter activity day, playing soccer in the snow. It was bitterly cold that day with the wind biting into every inch of exposed skin.

March 11 – Figure skating is hard to shoot. Fortunately this skater was OK with me using flash.

And that’s that for now. There will be more up later.