2011 in Photos – 8

Here we are again. Time for another collection of the photos I have taken in 2011.


Feb. 19 – St. Philip’s Anglican church. It’s Westlock’s only recognized historic site. Seriously. I’m as surprised as you are. For two reasons: a) Westlock has historic sites? b) And there’s only one?

Feb. 20 – No photo.

Feb. 21 – No photo.

Feb. 22 – Yet another call to a car crash. This one is clearly a rollover. I tried to show the path the car took to get from the road to its final resting place. I don’t think I succeeded too well.

Feb. 23 – Westlock Elementary School has a robotics ‘program.’ My colleague Doug did a story on them and their competition in Edmonton a while back. But he was unable to get a photo of the robots. I did, however, from going to a school board meeting where the kids were showing their robots to the trustees. This is Rex.

Feb. 24 – Another hockey shot. This kid does not play in Westlock. But I wanted the shot for the . . . well, I don’t really know. But it’s the most artistic shot I took at that hockey game.

Feb. 25 – We had a puppetmaster come to Westlock to give a show. From what I saw of it before I left to go back to the office to work, it was interesting. Here’s a brief segment from his first act.

Eight down. Forty-four to go.