2011 in Photos – 6

Welcome back for another installment of photos I have taken to chronicle my 2011 here in Westlock, Alta. I hope you enjoy them.

Feb. 5 – It was not that cold out when I took this photo, but it was windy as all get out. And the blowing snow on the drive back to the office was not fun. But I survived. Anyway, these are participants in a snowmobile rally. As a city boy, I don’t see the allure to the activity that is snowmobiling, but these rural folk seem to enjoy it.

Feb. 6 – Again the Spirit Centre is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Here’s what it looked like on the morning of Sunday Feb. 6. I had to climb on (but not over) a fence for this photo. It was fun.

Feb. 7 – No photo.

Feb. 8 – As I said to the coach after the timeout, “I’m on your wall, stealing your strategies.”

Feb. 9 – Lee and Sandy Paley. Apparently they had a TV show. Apparently they’re similar to Fred Penner and Sharon, Lois and Bram. Never heard of them. Anyone? But the best part of this photo is the kid staring at me. Everyone else is taking part in the show. The kid? Fixated on me.

Feb. 10 – No photo.

Feb. 11 – Jeffery Straker is a pianist. He’s from Saskatchewan. He’s good. He’s also apparently gay. But most importantly, I love his shoes.

There’s another week in photos from 2011. Please continue to check back for more photos. I promise I’ll eventually have an entire week with seven shots. Probably when it warms up again.