2011 in Photos – 5

And here are some more photos from my 2011 here in Westlock and Alberta. Enjoy.

Jan. 29 – The story here is, when my boss G was showing me how to shoot basketball, he deleted a photo of just the ball. That would have been fine if I was using the work camera. But I don’t use the work camera, I use my own. So he deleted a photo off my camera, which is a big no-no. This photo is because I wanted a shot of just the ball.

Jan. 30 – No photo.

Jan. 31 – No photo.

Feb. 1 – No photo.

Feb. 2 – This is just funny. The pass blocks the ref’s head.

Feb. 3 – I believe this one ran in the paper. But I like it because of the whole conflict of the man struggling to make the kids understand what he has drawn, and the kids struggling to figure it out. The answer: polka dots. I didn’t get it either.

Feb. 4 – This girl, Rachelle Zadunayski (which I can spell without looking it up) is perhaps the bravest person I know. I won’t go into details, but I will encourage you all to read this story I wrote about her. She also painted all the paintings in the photo.

Check back soon for part 6. I will gradually get these all up.