High School Arts

I’m probably digging myself a deeper hole, but I think it needs to be said.

Actually, this goes back further than the question that prompted it, so bear with me.

I was recently asked, in effect, why I would invite someone to see a high school play with me. The answer is quite personal to me, owing to my life experiences.

At Mary Ward CSS, my high school in Scarborough, Ont., I was in the music program. I loved it. Grade 9 I became a tuba player. The summer after Grade 10 I took up trombone to join the Stage Band. Grade 11 was my first band trip to Europe. Grade 12 I was in the pit band for the musical Crazy for You put on by our drama department. Grade 13/OAC was my SECOND!!!!! band trip to Europe.

For some kids, high school is their last chance to be involved in the arts. I’m one of those people. Since OAC, I have not played either a tuba or trombone for anything longer than 30 minutes (which was today).

I support high school arts. Specifically high school drama and music. Band was a HUGE part of my life at Mary Ward. And Crazy for You was THE highlight of my high school career.

The two band trips are 1B and 1C on the list, for the record.

Yes, high school plays aren’t particularly the best performances you’ll ever see. I’ll admit that.

But they bring me back to the best times I had in high school. I wanted to share that with someone. I wanted the opportunity to show a part of myself just about no one who didn’t go to Mary Ward with me has ever seen.

This town has two very strong high schools, from what I have seen of them. And since I’m here, I want to embrace them and support them. I want to relive some of what I went through in my high school days.

So there. THAT is why I invited someone to see a high school play with me.