2011 in Photos – 4

Well then. I have been quite lagging in getting up photos I have taken this year. I have also been lagging in taking the photos I plan to post.

Anyway, time to get back on that horse.

Jan. 22 – Kyle Chipchura (18th overall, 2004 NHL Entry Draft, Montréal) is from the Westlock area. I have been trying to find snippets of his hockey past here. This is one such example. Second from the top in the right-hand column.

Jan. 23 – No photo.

Jan. 24 – No photo.

Jan. 25 – No photo.

Jan. 26 – No photo.

Jan. 27 – So I went out to take photos of a barn roof collapse (think a lot of snow and then a warming trend). While there, the only living things I saw were cows, a dog and several cats. This was one of those cats.

Jan. 28 – I like sports. I don’t especially like shooting sports (meaning photographing them) because they move so fast and small-town sporting facilities frankly suck for lighting. So I have focus problems. But what I like about this shot is the ball in mid-air. Please ignore the general blurriness of the players.

And that’s the week of Jan. 22-28. It’s pretty slim, I’ll admit.