Two Months

I just noticed I’ve been in Westlock for two months and one day. It doesn’t seem like that long.

I’m gradually coping and becoming an Albertan. I have my Alberta driver’s licence now. I’m about to set up my Alberta car insurance. I’m also almost ready to do my Alberta health card. The only thing remaining is to get my Alberta licence plate. That will take a bit longer.

But I have to say, it’s a bit sad to be losing my Ontario identity. Again.

What’s been new since last I talked about how long I’ve been here? Not too much. Still writing and photographing stuff. And we’ve had a deep freeze followed by the veritable heat wave we’re currently experiencing. As I write this, it’s -3C outside. It hit +1C today. Yesterday? +4C was the high. It’s practically summer.

You know what else? I haven’t been to Edmonton since December. That’s kind of a drag, but it is what it is. It’s likely best I stay away from the city as much as I can, if only because it costs gas to go down there.

I tried curling. It hurt. Falling on the ice is painful, especially on my knees.

Well, I shall wrap this up. I’m about to have dinner and then I have to run to a town council meeting.

Plus, I have tomorrow off now. Time to do things that need to be done. Hooray. I think.

If you’re waiting for my next post of photos from my 2011 Photo Challenge, I will get them up soon. It’s been somewhat busy around here, so I need to find some time. And I need to take more photos; I’m falling behind on that.