2011 in Photos – 1

As part of a challenge I have given myself for this year, I present the seven days of 2011 in photos.

Jan. 1 – This is Gizmo, one of the two cats my housemate has. The reddish hue is thanks to reflecting the flash off our burgundy-ish curtains.

Jan. 2 – This is Daisy, my housemate’s dog.

Jan. 3 – I almost forgot to take some photos today, so here are some of the Christmas cards I got, taped to my wall.

Jan. 4 – We recently put together a Top 10 Stories of 2010 section. These are the papers we took those stories from.

Jan. 5 – Westlock is building a new multi-purpose sports facility, the Spirit Centre. Here it is under construction.

Jan. 6 – I went to take photos at a blood donor clinic. My only question is: why?

Jan. 7 – My first time ever attending a curling event, either as a participant or a spectator. It’s actually fairly hard to photograph. That, or I still need practice. Probably the latter.

There you have it. A photo from each day of the first week of 2011. Check back in a week for a photo from each day of the second week of 2011.