2010 in Review the fourth

Alright, it’s time to wrap up my year in review. Finally. It’s taken me, counting this one, four days to do this. Yes, I could have done it all in one shot, but I figured it would be easier to do it in four installments. Plus, this helps bump up my hit count. Can’t have too many hits.

Well, time to recap the October, November and December of 2010 as I saw it in my life.

So, where to begin? I guess the first place to begin is in October. October saw my second internship end, an internship that did not keep me on. I would not have minded being kept on, but such as it is, I was not. On the flip side, not only did the internship pay me the token honorarium, I also got paid as a freelancer for the piece I did the week after the internship ended. It was an interesting event I attended for the freelance piece, and it was kinda fun, too. Now, if only I could get my money I would be happier.

I also continued to apply for many jobs and I received a few interviews. It took a while, but I finally seemed to be qualified enough for the jobs to which I applied. More on this later.

Athletically, there wasn’t really anything going on. Fall weather had kicked in quite quickly and I didn’t even go for a run. I think I did some biking, but otherwise nothing.

Personally, the only event of note was my high school’s 25th anniversary evening. It was a good evening. I saw some people I had not seen in a while, and managed to ‘Facebook friend’ one or two people I would not have done without seeing them that night. I also talked to a few of my old teachers about where things were going in my life, and got their perspective on how things were. They also validated some of my concerns about small town life and my desire to stay in a big city. I appreciated that.

I didn’t do anything for Halloween. But whatever, Halloween’s no fun unless you’re a kid or in university. In other, related but not-really, news, I attended but did not participate in a strip spelling bee. Interesting to say the least.

So, professionally, big things happened. Shortly after my freelance gig I interviewed for two jobs on the same day. One was via Skype and the other was an impromptu interview arranged mere hours (i.e. less than four) before it took place. Guess which one went better? If you said the impromptu interview, you win. Yup, the impromptu interview for a reporter/photographer position with the Westlock News yielded a job offer. So this meant I had to pack up in little over a week, see as many friends as I could and hop in my car for a long, six-day drive to Alberta. A six-day drive to a new chapter in my life. That was in late November.

December was taken up with jumping right in to my new job. And it was my first Christmas away from home. So it was quite the change. But I seem to be adapting. The house where I live is nice-ish. Old and somewhat rundown, but it is a roof over my head and I have a housemate. So it’s manageable. And the people at work are cool and much less taking-themselves-too-seriously than they were in Meadow Lake. So it’s a much more welcoming environment.

Well, that’s that. That’s my 2010. Check back regularly for more posts on whatever topics strike my fancy at the time.