2010 in Review the third

Alright, time to get cracking on Q3 of 2010, the months of July, August and September.

In July, my dragonboat season ended with the Hamilton regatta, where daBoat won yet another gold. And then I made a jerk of myself and likely soured the whole season for some people. And I regret my actions. I was upset and acted irrationally because of it. But it’s in the past now. Where it will stay.

July also saw me interview for and get offered another internship. Again, an internship is not ideal, but it is something to occupy my time and help me gain experience for the future. This internship was also considerably better than my previous one. With this one I was actually interviewing people regularly, writing and getting several stories in print or on the website, and doing some real copyediting. In short, it was a real internship in word and deed. I enjoyed it, and I feel it helped me moving forward.

Back to my athletic life, my ultimate season continued. We didn’t win much, and that greatly bothered me. So much, in fact, that I got suspended for one game for what I will call “unsportsmanlike conduct.” Bah, the other guy deserved it, so I have no regrets. In fact, the game for which I was suspended I was planning to take off because I had a camping trip planned and I needed to prepare. So, it was a pyrrhic victory for the league officials. Actually, my ultimate season ended in September with a playoff tournament. Again, we did not do too well, but it was a fun end to the season. A fun end to a frustrating season.

Speaking of the camping trip, it was with five members of daBoat, up near where my family’s cottage is. It was a fun weekend, despite the fact it rained on us the final day. And I again proved I’m an idiot at times; so I suspect I ruined the trip for some people. And for that I truly am sorry. There was no reason for me to act that way. But anyway, yes, the trip was pretty good. We went swimming, we went stargazing (I took some half-decent night sky photos) and we generally bonded. I would definitely go again if a trip were organized. And I would realize I’m a jerk at times and try not to act like one.

As August rolled into September, and I was half-way through my internship, I began to apply for jobs again. This way, if I was accepted I would have something to be tiding me over until I had to start the new one. Actually, that doesn’t make much sense. Whatever. And this time, applying to far-off places (e.g. Alberta, Québec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan (again)) yielded many rewards, the chief amongst them being interviews. Yes, plural. I had several interviews, none of which successful, throughout September. It was nice. And they served as practice for the interviews still to come.

So that’s my third quarter of 2010. It was perhaps the most useful three months of 2010 in that I was doing yet another internship, I learned more about what kind of a person I am and I did job interviews that yielded lessons about how to do job interviews.

Check back regularly tomorrow for the final quarter of 2010. It promises to be quite exciting.