2010 in Review the first

As those of you who have been reading me for over a year now know, I do a year in review at the beginning of each year for the year that just finished. This post, and the three that will follow it, will be no different.

However, what will be different is how I do each of these posts. In my 2009 Year in Review series, I broke each month down into its parts. This time I will break the year into four quarters, but no further. This post will detail my January through March, but I will not label each event by the month in which it took place. Well, mostly.

On to the review.

January – March 2010

The year started rather boringly. Is that even a word? Anyway. Before 2009 ended, I joined the Toronto Ultimate Club, signing up for the 2010 Winter indoor season. That started on my birthday at the Downsview Hangar, and ran until some time in April, I think. I joined because when I was in school I played some intramural Ultimate, and I enjoyed myself. So I decided to join TUC to continue playing. But I have to say, speedpoint Ultimate is vicious if you haven’t been keeping in shape. How vicious is it? I had trouble moving and breathing without pain for at least the next three days. It was not fun. But was fun was coming in second in the league in the regular season and tying the championship game. So, in effect, my team was the co-champion for our league. Pretty swell, I have to say. And yes, I know, the season did actually end outside March. But most of the season was played before the end of March, so it belongs here.

In the personal realm, the only thing of note I did during these three months was make a trip up to Ottawa in January, ostensibly to buy a Carleton grad ring. And while that was the primary reason for my trip, thus rendering my use of “ostensibly” incorrect, I did have ulterior motives. I took advantage of the trip to visit Carleton’s J-School and talk to two of my profs and visit one of my friends who was TAing a class. And then I got a free dinner out of the deal. I swear I will pay her back, eventually.

And I have to say I do miss Ottawa and Carleton. Fun times, eventually, were had there. Fun times I have not managed to recreate since.

On a professional level, I started looking for work in January, after taking from mid-September 2009 until New Year’s Day off to just unwind and mentally unpack. In retrospect it was a smart move, but at the time I was getting antsy to get back in the swing of things. I managed to snag all of two interviews for different jobs before landing a (virtually) unpaid, three-month internship in February. It was not the most fun I have had at a job, but it was experience and I did get my name in print. So it was not all bad. And the honorarium paid for the gas for my commute. Like I said, it was a three-month internship, so it ran from mid-February until mid-May. And that was the extent of my working life during the first quarter of 2010.

In fact, I do believe that adequately sums up my less-than-exciting 2010 up to the end of March. Check back tomorrow for how I chose to recount the second quarter of the year: April – June. It was a bit more exciting.