Four Days In

Ok, so now I’m in Moosomin, Sask. Last night I spent the night in Kenora, Ont. Clearly I skipped right through Manitoba. It’s not like I don’t like Manitoba; it’s just that Manitoba is narrow enough across the south end to make it easy to cross the whole province in one trip.

The past two days have been interesting. I have been snowed on and done some sliding on the road. I think I need some winter tires.

I also need to get my windshield repaired. Some truck kicked up a rock and hit my windshield. I didn’t notice anything wrong until I was leaving Dryden, Ont. yesterday. That’s when I noticed the crack. I am not happy about that. The plan is to pop into a GM place tomorrow and see what they say. I will get it fixed. And soon.

Hmm. What else? Oh. Since I’m in Saskatchewan already, I will be hitting Westlock, Alta. (my new home) on Tuesday. Right on schedule. And then even more fun begins, as I get to see my new house and meet the boss. And get some furniture for the house. And a mattress. And just overall get organized. Should be fun.

Check back again for more stuff.