Two Days Later . . .

And I’m still not out of Ontario. I love my province, but geez, it takes forever to get out of it when you head to Western Canada.

So here I am in Nipigon, Ont. I’ve been driving for two days and pretty much driven straight into winter. When I left Scarborough, it was above 0 C and there was no snow. Now it’s below 0 C and there is snow on the ground. Clearly I am no longer in Scarborough anymore.

When I say I drove into winter, I’m not kidding. Leaving Sault Ste. Marie this morning, there was no snow in the air or on the road. So I was zipping along at and above the 90 km/h limit. As I approached Wawa, the sky started to snow. And it kept coming, getting heavier and wetter. Soon the road was slushy and I had to considerably slow down. It was rather exciting, I guess.

There’s not much more I have to say about my trip thus far. It’s fairly lonely in my car, with no one to talk to. And the radio and iPod can only offer company for so long. But I know at the end of this trip there are friends and people to talk to.

Anyway. Next stop will be Kenora, Ont. Check back for more tales from the road.