Alberta Bound

Yup. I’m heading back out west for a job. Seriously, I must be crazy. Think about it.

For all I profess loving Toronto, I am once again leaving to a small town (<6000 people) for a job. But you have to say this about me: I am nothing if not determined. To do what, I don’t know. But I am determined.

So what is the deal? Since sometime in late August or early September, I have been applying for permanent full-time jobs. I have received eight interviews out of the 20+ applications I have sent out. To wit, the interviews were for the following towns: Devon, Alta., Fort Saskatchewan, Alta., Strathmore, Alta., Wakefield, Que., Drayton Valley, Alta., Portage la Prairie, Man., Barrhead, Alta., Estevan, Sask. and Westlock, Alta.

I am not going to list all the other places I applied to. It’s too long and I don’t, frankly, remember all of them.

So, I am moving to Westlock, Alta. within the next week or so. It’s a lot quicker a turnaround than it was when I moved to Meadow Lake, Sask. last year. For this job, I am scheduled to start on Nov. 29. So, it’s pretty much a rush to pack and hit the road.

I guess the test pack this past weekend was a good idea.

Now, I suppose you would like to know why, exactly, I am heading out to Westlock. Well, it’s to be the new Reporter / Photographer with the Westlock News.

This is going to be fun. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Let’s be honest, after the Meadow Lake experience, I am skeptical of any new reporting experience. I have concerns about how well I will do. Then again, those should be normal concerns. If you don’t approach a new experience with some trepidation, I don’t think you’re a mentally healthy person.

Naturally, I am scared. Again I am leaving home for another province two time zones away. I will be living on my own again. The town is puny compared to my previous life experiences (excepting Meadow Lake). And I am going back to a job where I did not exactly set the world on fire last time.

But all that being said, this is different. My boss sounds like he is more keen to help young reporters succeed. Edmonton (pop. 730,372 in 2006) is only an hour away. I have friends in Edmonton and in other parts of Alberta. And I like to think I have learned my lessons from the Meadow Lake experience.

Will I succeed? Only time will tell. But, dammit, I’m going to do my darndest to make it work.