Markham Home Invasion

Normally when I see on the news news about a home invasion, I more or less tune out. I mean, I don’t know those people, so why should I be overly concerned?

Well, no more. The home invasion in Markham last night has changed my tune.


Simple. It turns out I know the family.

The street is the same. The address being mentioned is the same. The last name is the same. The age of the daughter is the same. The existence of a younger brother is the same. All those facts are not coincidences. Even my friends on FB are starting to express their condolences to the daughter (our mutual friend). It is more than likely it is the same family.

It’s unreal. There is no reason something like that should happen. For two kids to have their mother murdered, it’s unconscionable. No one should have to suffer that. To be in the house when their mother is shot (luckily not in the same room), no one deserves that.

To the Pan family, you have my unfailing sympathies. Mere words are not enough to express the sadness I feel.

Moving on to the punks who committed this act. I sincerely hope they choose to enter a shootout when they are apprehended. That way the police can kill them with a clear conscience. Nothing short of death is appropriate for these murderers.