Pro Sports in Toronto

As you are all aware, I am a proud Torontonian. I love my city and most things about it.

I am also a fairly decent sports fan.

So, now it is time to merge those two things. I wish to discuss my thoughts about each of Toronto’s professional sports teams. (I hope I manage to include them all.)

Blue Jays: Perhaps the team I follow the most outside Les Canadiens. Lately I have been hearing a lot of talk (from anonymous commenters on various websites) that since the Jays can’t seem to draw flies, that the team should be moved. I think this is a load of hooey. There are many reasons why the Jays are having attendance problems. One is the lack of success since 1993. Another is the stadium. Another is the fact Rogers (the owner) did something stupid by putting most of the team’s games in the last month and a half on a channel very few people can get. I think the recent low attendance numbers have more to do with a protest against Rogers than they do with the on-field product. Furthermore, this team looks like it will be contending in short order. The pitching staff has been very strong this season, and should only improve as it matures. The offense is strong, and should improve once Adam Lind and Aaron Hill rebound from this season. And I have full confidence that Alex Anthopoulos will not make the mistakes J.P. Ricciardi made.

Raptors: I am a fair-weather fan who will never attend a Raptors game at the ACC. I do not like basketball, and my only interest in the Raptors is as such: “They won. Good.” I hope for the best, and would like to see the team not suck. But I would not lose any sleep if the team were to be relocated. The only basketball I do watch (again, rarely) is CIS basketball, specifically the Carleton Ravens.

Argonauts: I follow and care about the Argos more than I do the Raptors. But, frankly, not by much. I will watch CFL football when it is on. I do plan to go watch an Argos game eventually. I had planned to watch them when I was at school and they would have gone to Ottawa to play the Renegades. But I never got around to it. So, if the Argos are winning, I am happy. When they are not, I am ambivalent. If only they would be more consistent this season.

Toronto FC: They’re not very good. I would like to go watch them play at BMO Field, but not at the prices they charge. Do you know how I know they’re owned by MLSE? The ticket prices. My feelings about TFC are similar to those I have about the Raptors and Argos. Win and I’m happy. Lose and I’m annoyed. I want the team to do well, but when it looks like it’s primed for a breakthrough, it loses. Or ties. Or doesn’t win. It’s rather frustrating.

Rock: Our indoor lacrosse team. Also known as the most successful pro sports team in Toronto over the last 12+ years. But, for all that, the Rock barely register in the greater consciousness of Toronto. Even when they were winning their championships, there wasn’t much buzz around town. And that’s basically how I view them. I don’t follow the NLL, so I don’t know when the season begins. Plus, the league sees teams come and go fairly regularly, so it’s not really reputable in my opinion. Still, it’s a successful Toronto team and I am happy when it wins. Less so when it loses.

Nationals: Who? The Toronto Nationals are Toronto’s outdoor lacrosse team. In their first season, they won their league’s championship. In their second season, I think they came in last. The only attention they seem to get in the Toronto Star is in the box scores in the sports section. They barely register for me.

Maple Leafs: I call them the Maple Lafs. Enough said. The Leafs are the only team in Toronto I enjoy watching lose. They register highly in my consciousness because I hate them so much.

That is all.