“Relax, chill out”

So said Carey Price. And you know what? I agree with him.

I am a huge Habs fan, as you likely know. And I absolutely hate it when the Habs lose.

But that being said, I pretty much ignore the preseason. Preseason results are completely irrelevant. The purpose of the preseason is to sort out who can play and who can’t. Wins and losses don’t matter. What does matter is how well Player A and Player B mesh on the ice.

What matters is how well any changes to the system the coach wants to make actually work on the ice. It matters not that a player (e.g. Carey) might (will?) have a bad game or two.

Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Carey had a bad game. Four goals on nine shots? That’s an absolutely atrocious .556 save percentage. It is unacceptable. It gives him a 8.00 GAA (he only played 30 minutes).

But I say this to all those who want to throw Carey away like yesterday’s lunch: Tell me such legends as Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Jacques Plante, Tony Esposito, Ken Dryden, Terry Sawchuk or Jaro Halak did not have a game where they put up similar numbers. I dare you. In fact, I would say at least one of these seven goalies had one of these games in the playoffs. Or in the middle of a playoff drive. Goalies are human and will have bad games. Goalies will be pulled.

It is more important that Carey bounce back than it is that he had a bad game.

And please remember, this is Carey’s first game action since May 16, 2010, when he surrendered two goals on 11 shots (2-11, .818, 3.98, 30:07). In relief of Jaro (4-14, .714, 8.03, 29:53).