Horrible News

If this keeps up, we can kiss the Toronto we know and love goodbye. People, please, come to your senses before you do something you will regret.

Rob Ford opens huge lead in mayor’s race

Toronto mayoral race is Rob Ford’s to lose, poll of decided voters says

The more they see of Ford, the more they like him

Ford surges ahead at 45.8% support, new poll shows

Ford takes big lead: Polls

Again, Torontonians, I implore you. Don’t elect this man. If you do, you are dooming our city to ruin. If you love Toronto, do not vote for Rob Ford.

To wit: When Rob Ford becomes mayor…

Please actually examine all the candidates’ platforms. And brush up on how City Council works, as well as how the Canadian governmental structure is designed. If you know how it all works, you will understand how electing Rob Ford will not bring the changes he seeks.