Random News Stories

Well, there sure are a lot of interesting stories in the newspapers these days. I don’t feel like commenting on them,  but I will list some so my readers who aren’t based in the GTA can read them.

Hello girls! Bounce is back

Breaking down the booty call

Bikes: The new fashion accessory

Disgraced athletes: Which are heroes and which are villains?

The era of the come-hither snarl

Minogue proud of weight gain This one I will comment on. Good on Kylie for bucking the trend towards near-anorexia. Granted she needed cancer to make her appreciate having ‘meat on her bones,’ but it’s good to see someone in the public eye supporting healthy weight gain.

Wrong-way driver on Hwy. 401 Another one on which I must comment. Besides the stupidity of doing this, and ignoring that he was allegedly intoxicated, my question is simple: How empty is the 401 at 3.00 am?

Star Wars: the next generation

So, again, this is not an exhaustive list by any means. Instead, they are merely some stories I came across while perusing the (hard copy) TorStar and the (online) Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, CBC and National Post.