I went camping this past weekend. It was fun. Mostly.

I say mostly because the last day we were there it rained and I got wet (naturally) and was not looking forward to driving home in the rain. Or more to the point, I was no looking forward to driving home wet.

Otherwise the camping trip was amazing. I took some decent photos and learned the power of high-quality lenses and external flashes. The two of them are very, very useful. And they produce better photos. They would produce even better photos if I was better at taking photos. And that is why I keep trying to take photos wherever I go, so that I can improve.

So what did we do on this camping trip? And with whom did I camp? Second question first. I went camping with five members of my dragonboat team. The idea was to have 18-20 people, on four sites. In the end, as evidenced by two sentences previous, we only had six, on one site. But maybe it was better that way. More interaction and less cliquey.

Back to what we did. We made a fire. We indulged our desires to drink alcohol. We went to the beach at night and gazed at the stars. They were amazing. We also saw shooting stars (well, most of us did, I did not see as many as I was taking photos of the sky). We did NOT go skinnydipping. We went for a hike. We went to the beach in the daytime and swam and tried to tan. That about sums it up.

Would I do it again? Of course I would. And I would bring less stuff. Or at least pack my stuff more efficiently.