Drinking and Driving

Full disclosure time: I have drank alcohol and then gone driving. But it has always been one pint or less, and always with food and always at least one hour will have passed between when I finish the pint and started driving. I don’t know what my limit is, but I don’t ever try and find it.

No doubt by now many (all) of you have come across the new law coming into effect in Ontario regarding drinking and driving. In short, if you are under 22 (i.e. 21 and under), you must have a 0.00 BAC reading. In other words, you cannot have any alcohol in your system when you are driving.

Here are how various media outlets have covered the issue:

Toronto Star

Globe and Mail


Toronto Sun

National Post

To me, this is another one of those half measures the Province has come up with to combat drunk driving in Ontario.

As you may recall, it is now an offence to drive with a BAC of 0.05-0.08. Here is a refresher on that. Now, there is another layer of bureaucracy at play here. And I think it’s stupid.

If you truly want to cut down on drinking and driving, there is one simple thing you have to do: Make it a crime to drive with a BAC reading greater than 0.00. PERIOD! It’s not that hard. If you drink, you don’t drive until your BAC is exactly 0.00.

There seems to be a segment of the population that thinks this new law is ageist. That population is the 16-21- year-olds who think they are immortal and can safely drink and drive. Well, they can’t. And their stupidity is why they are injured and killed in car accidents at a higher rate than the rest of the driving population. It is their stupidity that means my insurance rates are so high (I am bitter about that, stupid 18-25s).

In short, there is no need for this new law, this new half-measure as many have called it. If you want to combat drinking and driving, make it so everyone must have a BAC of 0.00, no matter the age. And implement stiffer penalties.

C’mon Ontario, cut the crap and do what needs to be done.