Alex Auld

On the face of this, I like this signing (one year, $1 M). It’s a cheap backup to Carey Price. And Auld is a veteran goalie, one who has been around the horn a few times and has served as a starter before.

However, we mustn’t forget that Auld’s time as Ottawa’s starter did not quite end well, as he lost his spot to, it appears, Brian Elliott. And seeing as Auld has only 83 wins in 207 games, it’s not like he was playing like gangbusters in his previous stops around the NHL.

In terms of negative thoughts on this signing, I don’t know that much about Auld to be able to say much. It would run counter to my attempts to be rational to speak about that which I do not know too much. So, with that in mind, allow me to link to some people who have a better take on the topic.

Freelance journalist Arpon Basu

J.T., who runs The H Does NOT Stand For Habs

Montréal Gazette reporter Pat Hickey

For the record, as if anyone really cares, I just hope when Auld is called on to play his 20-30 games this season, he pitches at least a .550 winning percentage. What would that record be? Whatever equals 1.1 points per game played. Anything less and the Habs are in trouble.