Plekanec Re-signed

So the rumour going around the interwebs is that Tomas Plekanec has signed a six-year, 30 $ million contract with the Habs.

I am happy to see Plekanec is back in the fold. He was our most consistent player all season (moreso than Brian Gionta, but only because Gionta was injured), and to have him in the system will only help the team.

The only thing that concerns me is the price tag. This is a 5 $ million per year deal. I would have preferred to see Plekanec signed for no more than 4.5 $ million per year. I feel 70 points is not worth 5 $ million.

So, Tomas, it’s time for you to put up career-high numbers in at least three of your next six seasons. I want to see at least one 90+ point season, please.