Halak Traded

I know I’m not breaking any news here. We already know Jaroslav Halak has been shipped to the St. Louis Blues for, in my mind at the moment, two nobodies. Yes, I know in the coming months and years these two men (Lars Eller and Ian Schultz) will become household names in Habs fans’ houses. But for now, I think I echo many of my fellow fans when I ask, “Who are you?”

I cannot say I am surprised that Halak is no longer a Hab. I would have equally been unsurprised had Carey Price been the one traded. I knew there was no way the 2010-2011 season would be starting with both Halak and Price on the roster (unless, of course they both got severely injured in the off-season and were untradeable).

But I am thoroughly disappointed in what Pierre Gauthier received from the Blues in return. He should have held out as long as he could for at least a 6’4″ centre and ‘a bag of pucks,’ or two first round picks. In substitution for those two first-rounders, two players selected in the first round in the previous four drafts would have sufficed.

But, it is what it is. At this point, we can only hope now that Price has matured since his ‘demotion’ to the bench and comes back ready to prove himself. We can only hope both Eller and Schultz can provide the Habs with at least three productive, 50+ point seasons each. We can only hope (and this is being selfish and petty) that Halak proves the past two years were a fluke and that Gauthier managed to hose the Blues.

And at the risk of trotting out a phrase I pretty much detest, we can only hope, in the end, that the Price is right. *groan*