Stanley Cup Recap

Stanley Cup Final

(2W) Chicago v. (7E) Philadelphia

Pick: Chicago in 5

Actual: Chicago in 6

I am very pleased with this result. As you have likely read previous, I hate the Flyers. Thus, a Philadelphia win would have been completely unacceptable. And fortunately the Blackhawks came through exactly as I figured they would, by pretty much running over the Flyers. The only reason the series appeared to be so close was that the goaltending on both sides was not up to the same standard we had been accustomed to seeing in previous playoff rounds. But, as the Toronto Star’s Damien Cox writes, a plethora of goals does not mean a game (or series) was a sloppy affair. As he alludes to, when did offence become verboten? In closing, as I am running out of steam, congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for their fourth Stanley Cup and first since 1961.