2010 NHL Playoffs – Stanley Cup Final

OK, so it’s time to wrap up my picks for these NHL playoffs. My record through the first three rounds stands at a stellar . . . 5-9. These have been a horrible playoffs in terms of my ability to pick the winners. Gone is the year I went 13-2. I don’t even remember which year that was.

Anyway, now it’s time to break down the Stanley Cup Final. So, let’s get on to brass tacks.

(2W) Chicago Blackhawks v. (7E) Philadelphia Flyers

Many prognosticators picked this as a potential Final matchup. So it seems appropriate these teams would meet. However, their routes to the Final have been unexpected to say the least. Still, I don’t see the Flyers finding a way to beat the Blackhawks. Chicago is too strong a team, as evidenced by how feebly the Sharks fell in the Western Conference Final. Philadelphia is likely burned out after having to claw its way back against Boston. I attribute the Flyers’ victory against the Habs solely to playing on adrenaline, adrenaline that has likely dissipated thanks to the layoff between the Conference Finals and the Final. Thus, I believe this will be a short series.

Chicago in 5.