Animal Rights People

I was listening to the Jim Richards show on CFRB 1010 in Toronto. I enjoy listening to his show.

He had a clip of a woman shouting that the OSPCA is a murderer because it has been putting down several animals that were infected with ringworm.

Jim’s thinking, and mine as well, is basically this: “Where are these people when humans are being abused, etc?” Think about it, what is a worse crime: shooting a dog or shooting a human?

Me, I think shooting a human is a worse crime. Killing a person affects more people than killing a dog. The person’s parents, siblings, friends, employers and employees are affected when a person is killed. When a dog is killed, the only ones affected are the dog’s owners. Pardon my apparent callousness, but you can easily go out and replace a dead dog. All it takes is money.

A person? You can’t replace that.

FYI, I had to pick one specific animal for my example. I could easily have used a cat or rat or whatever else people keep as pets. I am not picking on dogs.

P.S.: I fully expect to be ‘attacked’ for my point of view.