Round Two Recap – Eastern Conference

(4) Pittsburgh v. (8) Montréal

Pittsburgh in 6 (Montréal in 7)

What more can you say about Montréal these playoffs? First the Presidents’ Trophy winner, then the reigning Stanley Cup champions. It’s never been done. Well, it had never been done. I only believe that Montréal is in the Eastern Conference Final because I watched Game 7 of the Pittsburgh series. But you have to give Montréal credit for being able to bottle up Crosby and Malkin and not let them do what they can. And this series has convinced me that unless he’s playing for Team Canada, Crosby is a whining baby. Next up for Montréal: Philadelphia.

(6) Boston v. (7) Philadelphia

Philadelphia in 7 (Philadelphia in 7)

Wow. Just wow. If you thought Philadelphia would win this series after Boston jumped out to a 3-0 series lead, I want to ask you to predict my future love life. And you have to realize how close Boston came to sweeping Philadelphia. If you recall, Game 4 went to overtime. Had Boston scored, it would have been over. And as much as I should give Philadelphia credit for coming back from 0-3 for the third time ever (1942 Toronto v. Detroit and 1975 NY Islanders v. Pittsburgh), I have to say that Boston folded. When you’re leading a game 3-0 like Boston was in Game 7, you should be able to close the deal. Next up for Philadelphia: Montréal.

I will get my predictions for the Eastern and Western Conference finals later today. I would have put them up tomorrow, but I forgot I am out most of the day and will not be home until the Chicago-San José game has at least started.