Round Two Recap – Western Conference

(1) San José v. (5) Detroit

Detroit in 7 (San José in 5)

Well, show’s what I know. It’s much like what I said when I was predicting Detroit would win: to be the champ you have to beat the champ. San José has just shown that it can win when it counts. And full marks to Detroit for the run it’s been on the past two seasons. It seems playing all those games over the past two seasons finally caught up with Detroit. Next up for San José: Chicago.

(2) Chicago v. (3) Vancouver

Vancouver in 7 (Chicago in 6)

Just like how last season ended for Vancouver, taken out in six games by Chicago. I think the aura surrounding Roberto Luongo has been dispelled. Yes, the man was the goalie for Team Canada in the Olympics, but he didn’t play all that well in that tournament, and hadn’t played well since. However, like I have said about San José, you can’t win the big one until you do. But again, full credit to Chicago. A young team is heading to the Western Conference Final for the second year in a row. Not too many teams do that. Next up for Chicago: San José.

My recap of Round Two in the Eastern Conference will be up tomorrow after Game 7 between Boston and Philadelphia. My picks for the Eastern and Western Conference finals will be up on Sunday.