Round One Recap – Eastern Conference

(1) Washington v. (8) Montréal

Washington in 6 (Montréal in 7)

Well, I got this wrong. I stand by my logic that Washington had the superior firepower. And also by the fact Halak was better than both Theodore and Varlamov. But I certainly did not factor on the Montréal PK absolutely shutting down the Washington PP. But once Montréal won Game 6, I figured it would be a foregone conclusion that Washington would fold in Game 7. Next up for Montréal: Pittsburgh.

(2) New Jersey v. (7) Philadelphia

New Jersey in 6 (Philadelphia in 5)

I didn’t think I would be this wrong. Not only the wrong team, but it was pretty much a cakewalk for Philadelphia. Yes, Boucher led Philadelphia through the playoffs several years ago, so he wasn’t an unknown quantity. But I didn’t think he would outplay Brodeur. Next up for Philadelphia: Boston.

(3) Buffalo v. (6) Boston

Buffalo in 5 (Boston in 6)

Wow. Are we sure someone didn’t switch jerseys here? What happened to Miller shutting down one of the league’s worst offenses? Something is amiss here. But it is what it is. Next up for Boston: Philadelphia.

(4) Pittsburgh v. (5) Ottawa

Pittsburgh in 5 (Pittsburgh in 6)

The only series I got right in the East. It only lasted six games thanks to Ottawa’s triple-OT win in Game 5. Otherwise, Pittsburgh more or less handled Ottawa with ease. Next up for Pittsburgh: Montréal.

I will get up my second round predictions later today.