Round One Recap – Western Conference

(1) San José v. (8) Colorado

San José in 6 (San José in 6)

I got this series right. I figured San José, despite repeated collapses in the playoffs, would be able to beat the young, first-timers in the Avalanche line up. And I was right. Next up for San José: Detroit.

(2) Chicago v. (7) Nashville

Chicago in 6 (Chicago in 6)

Again, I was right on this one. Chicago has been a trendy pick to advance to the final, and beating Nashville in the first round is that first step. Next up for Chicago: Vancouver, in a rematch of Round Two from last year.

(3) Vancouver v. (6) Los Angeles

Vancouver in 7 (Vancouver in 6)

I overestimated the challenge Los Angeles would give Vancouver. Yet I was still correct in banking on Vancouver’s playoff experience, no matter how limited it actually is relative to other teams. But it’s usually a good idea to bet against the team making its first playoff appearance in several years. Next up for Vancouver: Chicago.

(4) Phoenix v. (5) Detroit

Phoenix in 7 (Detroit in 7)

I got the games right. And I thought Phoenix would have put up more of a fight in Game 7. I guess I was wrong to go with freshness over experience, even though I stand by my logic that with two Cup final appearances in two seasons, Detroit would have been tired. It appears experience trumps fatigue. Next up for Detroit: San José.

Second round predictions will be posted after the Eastern Conference finishes Round One tonight and I have recapped that round.