Omar Khadr

First, a caveat. I have not kept up on what exactly is going on with the Omar Khadr in Guantanamo kafuffle. So what I am about to say may be factually incorrect. But maybe that’s the beauty of this medium. Plus, it’s my opinion, so my facts do not have to be 100 per cent correct. They should be, but probably won’t be.

From what I have heard and read, Khadr was arrested for throwing a grenade at, and subsequently killing, a U.S. soldier. I believe the charges he is being rung up on include some form of war crime.

But here is what I don’t quite understand. As brutal and unnecessary as war is, isn’t the overall point of war to kill the enemy? In this case, Khadr’s enemy was the U.S. soldiers.

So I do not understand how throwing a grenade can constitute a war crime, following my logic.

If there is someone out there who would like to set the record straight for me, I would be appreciative. But as it stands, I am confused how we went from a boy doing what war is about to being charged as a war criminal for doing it. It seems a bit out of step.

Plus, he is Canadian. So why hasn’t our government repatriated him and at least thrown him in jail as a show of good faith to the Americans?