Area Codes

Read these first:

‘905’ gets some new numbers

905 region to add new area code

Soon, you’ll be calling the 365, not just the 905 area code

Southern Ontario to get new area code

I am disappointed to see this. Why does the 905 get a new area code when the 416 isn’t getting a new one yet?

Here are the facts as they stand:

416/647 covers Toronto.

905/289 covers, well, the 905. I don’t know how to break that up geographically. If you’re from southern Ontario, you know where the 905 is relative to the 705/249, 519/226 and 613/343 (yes, they do touch).

Granted the new 365 won’t be in place until 2013, why are we hearing about this well before we hear about the new 416/647 area code? I would have thought, given the heft that the 416/647 holds, it would be the next region to be granted a new area code.

As a proud Centre-of-the-Universer, I am disappointed and somewhat insulted that the 905, the bush if you will, is granted a third area code before the mighty Centre of the Universe.

Now, there is something I do need to say. Something I did not know until doing some (very basic) research for this. The 705 area code is apparently getting an overlay, the 249, some time in 2011. I did not know that.

But, fortunately, what I thought I knew about Ontario’s remaining area code, the 807, is true. The 807 is the only area code in its region, and is not due to be overlain until 2160. In other words, never. Relatively.