Media Commentary – Tiger Woods

This will be a short one. But I feel compelled to say something about it.

So, Tiger Woods is back on the golf course. Hooray. </sarcasm>

But honestly, here is what I say about that: Good for him. He is a golfer. He golfs. That’s what he does. And that is the only reason he should be in the news.

His personal trials and tribulations? Who, honestly, cares?

I made some comments about this several weeks ago. I don’t feel as if the lives of celebrities are news. Unless they die. And they had a significant impact in some way, shape or form on the world. Not like I believe they should get media coverage for that stuff.

But back to brass tacks.

Tiger Woods is currently getting the only attention he deserves: attention for doing what he is paid to do. Or rather, what he is paid for doing if he does it well. If he wins the Masters, he deserves media attention. If he loses the Masters (doesn’t win, as he can’t ‘lose’ the Masters unless he has the lead after his 71st hole and then utterly collapse), he deserves media attention. If he misses the cut (impossible as he is playing today and the cut took place yesterday), he deserves media attention.

But if he cheats on his wife, or crashes his car, or catches an STD (though if he caught one from his wife it would be hilarious), there is no need for any media attention.

He should get media attention for doing something on the golf course, i.e. his job. He should not get attention for doing something off the course, i.e. as a private citizen.