Valentine’s Day

I am sure those of you who know me are familiar with this sentiment I have often espoused (usually at about this time of year).

What is that sentiment? Well, it is this:

I hate happy couples.

Immediately, if you know my family situation, you should see something wrong with this statement. But I will leave that to you to figure out the flaw in my assertion.

I also do not like Valentine’s Day. It’s crass commercialism. It’s one of those holidays invented by the greeting card people to sell more cards. And by the confectionary industry to sell more candy, etc. Its current incarnation is not a holiday.

Why is it necessary to single out a specific day to profess love and admiration? Because it’s not. If you can’t show love and admiration everyday, one specific day isn’t going to make things better. Nor will one day really improve your love life. [The only time it will is when that one day is completely spontaneous and the beginning of a shift in how you live your love life.]

Now, of course, this may be the bitter old man in me. And if you think that’s why I harbour these sentiments, you are probably correct.

But they’re my sentiments.