Adam Giambrone

No doubt most of you have already heard most of this stuff:

Giambrone makes dramatic exit from race for mayor

Emotional Adam Giambrone admits to multiple affairs

Giambrone quits

Sex scandal leaves void in race for Toronto mayor

James: Adam Giambrone should drop out of race

This is the background. Now here’s what I have to say on this. And no, it has nothing to do with how the media has been covering this. But more on that later.

I like Adam Giambrone. I thought what he was doing with the TTC was, on the whole, good for the TTC and the City. There was less focus on subways and more on LRT. Yes, he was burdened by the (unnecessary) Spadina extension into Vaughan. But that was the product of higher levels of government and a regime that preceded The Admiral’s time as TTC chair.

So with that in mind, I was disappointed when he decided to run for mayor. At this time, with his youth and (relative) inexperience on Council, I felt it was too early for him to run. And because he would have had virtually no chance of winning, it would have meant his influence and overall good work with the TTC would have ended, since if you lose the mayoral election you don’t have a chance to regain your council seat. And I am saying this, that he had virtually no chance of winning, even if there weren’t ongoing problems with the TTC (e.g. fare hike, surly employees, etc.). It was just too early into his career to be trying to become mayor.

But now, with the sex scandal that has erupted, I am not too sure what I think of The Admiral. I still believe his work with the TTC has been a boon, but I can’t see him being able to carry on with that role with these other issues swirling around. I am happy he has dropped out of the mayoral race. He had almost no chance as it was; he would have absolutely no chance now. And as much as I think it pains me to say, I think he should step down from his role as TTC Chair. At least until all this blows over. He is still a breath of fresh air for the TTC, relative to those who have come before. But Toronto as a City doesn’t need someone with Adam’s ongoing problems heading up such an important City service.

Now some of you may be well aware that I feel there are some things that are not news. Frankly, a person’s personal situation (e.g. gay, cheating, Communist, Leaf fan (to illustrate varying, often stupid ‘prejudices’)) are not news. Under most circumstances, the public does not benefit from knowing if a politician is any of the above (except Leaf fan, they should have no rights). This is the one exception. For many reasons.

One, Adam was running for Mayor of Toronto.

Two, it’s coming out he was less-than-forthcoming about the truth.

Three, see number two.

I suspect it may have been better had he come right out when the allegations came out and told the truth. Don’t pussyfoot around the issue. He’s running for the most powerful job in Toronto. The electorate deserves the truth. Come out, tell the truth, drop out (although I would have said that regardless) and tell the truth. I can’t stress that enough.