I went to the U of T today to watch the Varsity Blues basketball teams lose to the Carleton Ravens. And they did. I was happy. And then I heard my Habs lost to the Senators. That made me swear. But I won’t let that get in the way of my happiness over watching the Ravens beat the Varsity Blues.

So what does this have to do with cheerleaders? I will tell you.

Well, it’s more of a question. What do YOU, my loyal(?) readers, think about cheerleaders at sporting events? [First, an admission: I have nothing against cheerleaders as people and as athletes. Have you seen some of the things they can do? They are tremendous athletes in my opinion.] I just think as additions to sporting events, they are unnecessary and bordering on exploitative. Does anyone else agree with me?

When you think about it, you would think I would be all ‘rah rah, hot, lithe cheerleaders!’ But I’m not. I went to watch a basketball game and random cheerleading and dancing broke out. And not ‘typical’ cheerleading, but more of the suggestive dancing variety.

I guess I’m maturing, somewhat.