2009 in Review! pt. 4

And finally, we have the final chapter of my synopsis of my 2009. Let’s get started, with October.

October 2009

What is there to say about October? Well, I’m going to tell you. I spent the majority of this month either sitting or lying on my couch or going for walks through Meadow Lake as I bided my time before my parents came out to help move me out. I bid take the time I had to read the books I bought while I was in Edmonton, as well as put a serious dent into Notre-Dame de Paris en français. I have been fighting that book for a long time. I should get back into reading it, as it has sat unread since I got back to Scarborough. Moving on. One thing I did do that did not involve sitting around alone was head down to Saskatoon for Thanksgiving weekend to visit my aunt (who is younger than me) who is going to law school at uSask. That was enjoyable because it got me out of Meadow Lake and I was able to associate with people my age in person, rather than via Skype or snail mail or email or MSN. Not that those are bad ways, but they do pale compared to face-to-face interaction. Anyway. I also read with Miss K.’s class a few more times. I would have liked to have tried to make a go of it with her, but that became completely out of the question once I quit the paper. I had no intention of remaining in Meadow Lake, so it would not have been fair to either one of us to try and make a go of it. Such is life, I suppose. So the days dragged on until the 21th, when my parents arrived to move me out. The packing wasn’t too hard, since we had my car and the family car. So everything fit and I had to leave nothing behind. Which is a good thing. Okay, I lied. There were some things I left behind, like the curtains on my window and the table and couch in the apartment. But the good thing about the table and couch was that they came with the apartment, left behind from the guy who had the apartment before me. And I managed to turn a tidy profit on what I left behind. Which is never a bad thing. So now, it’s on to the drive home. As some of you have already read, it’s roughly 3,200 km from Meadow Lake to Scarborough. That previous post breaks down the trip into its component days, but here I shall elaborate a bit more. The first day was Meadow Lake to Regina. This was perhaps the second easiest drive of the trip. It was fairly straight-forward and flat. The worst part of the travel was the hotel in Regina. For some stupid reason it had full wall windows beside the door, so it was drafty and louder than it would have been if it had a solid wall. On the other hand, it was the same hotel at which we stayed when the family drove to British Columbia in 1997. The second day was Regina to Winnipeg. This was the easiest drive of the trip. Again, it was straight-forward and flat. And again, we stayed at a hotel at which we stayed in 1997. Day three was Winnipeg to Thunder Bay. I feel this was the worst day of the trip. We arrived at the hotel in the dark, and the driving stopped being flat and straight. This was an omen, for the land north of Superior is rocky. Very rocky. Day four took us to Wawa from Thunder Bay. Not much can be said about this day other than the road north of Superior is hilly, and there are times when you go down a hill and the first thing you see is Lake Superior, because the road takes a hard turn, often to the left. And if you don’t know anything about Wawa, it has several giant Canada Geese. Next stop was Sudbury. We stayed in an unimpressive hotel, close to the Big Nickel. Thus, the area was very drab. The cloudy, chilly and somewhat wet weather did not help. The next day was the final day of travel: Sudbury to Scarborough. It was nice to drive the 400-series highways again. It was good to be surrounded by traffic. I would say I saw more unique cars and trucks in the first 10 minutes being on Hwy. 400 than I saw in my four months in Meadow Lake. It was now October 28, and I was home.

November 2009

Once again, a month of less-than-stellar events. Like, nothing happened. I went out and about in Toronto, to re-explore my city. But I didn’t manage to see many (read: any) of my friends. The only eventful days were ones filled with unpacking and rearranging my room, bookcases and closet. I also threw out a lot of stuff I had had sitting around on the bookcases. So now my room looks a lot better than it used to. And I have a computer in my room. I would say the biggest thing I did was go to the opening of the Cavalcade of Lights. It was supposed to be a get-together with friends. No one showed.

December 2009

Finally, the last month of the year. I finally had a chance to see friends. It only took a month and a half for me to pull that off. And I still only managed to see two of them. Clearly I need to work on that. But the biggest news of the month was my trip to Jasper. Now you may be saying, ‘Tim, you already went to Jasper in the summer. Why would you go back in the winter?’ Well, if you recall I went in the summer to scope out wedding sites. I went in the winter for the wedding. Yep, I few to Edmonton, rented a car and drove to Jasper for Brandy’s wedding. It was a good weekend. Except for one thing. It was f—ing freezing that weekend. Jasper, at -12.9C to -38.1C was the WARMEST place in Alberta that weekend. In fact, on the 13th, the day of the wedding, Edmonton set a cold record at the airport of -46.1C. This broke the old record, set in 2008, of -36.1C. I have never seen a temperature record set by that much. Insane. But I am happy for them. Even if I think they’re crazy for taking photos outside in that weather. Moving on. When I got back to Scarborough, I finally managed to get out to see friends. Yes, I only managed to see two of them, but two is better than none. And I got to go skating, which I haven’t done much lately. Not since earlier in the year when I could go skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Oh, how I miss being able to do that.

And that’s it for my synopsis of 2009. It was quite the interesting year, I have to say. So what does 2010 hold for me? You’ll have to check back regularly to find out. I promise you will be among the first to learn of my pending adventures. Except for one about which you will only learn after it happens. I have to keep it a surprise.