2009 in Review! pt. 1

I have to say that 2009 was quite the interesting year. And when you think about it, nothing else would be able to sum it up so succinctly. In this year I finally finished school, got and then promptly (in the cosmic sense) a job in another province, flew eight times (with only five flights in every other year in my life, total) and various other things. But I think the best way to wrap up this year is to go through it month-by-month. So, sit back and enjoy.

January 2009

The first month of my last year of school. It was more or less the continuation of the first four months of fourth year. To be honest, January was so long ago I don’t remember much of it. But I do know I did Centretown News and I wanted to be Editor in Chief after I did not get a control position with Midweek. And I did get the Editor role, on my birthday no less. It set me up for a good final four months of school. Plus, I got to spend some time with some people one-on-one. Granted it was for C-Town work, it was still nice.

February 2009

This month saw me spend two weeks (one was Reading Week) working at 580 CFRA in Ottawa as an apprentice. I am not too sure what exactly I learned, but it was a good experience to see what really goes on in a radio station. Oh, did I mention I also TAed a media/communications law class? I did that too. It started in January, and I did my first marking in (early) February, if I am not mistaken. Once again, this was a continuation of my best year of school since my (faux) OAC year in high school.

March 2009

Ok, now we’re getting into the better-remembered events of 2009. If I recall correctly, this is the month I started to apply for work for after graduation. You see, I already knew people who had jobs lined up, and I had never actually been in the position of not having a job. So I applied to everything and anything, provided I had the proper qualifications, all over the country. Some of the places where I submitted applications were: Rocky Mountain House, Alta.; Swift Current, Sask.; Leduc, Alta.; Bonnyville, Alta.; Prince George, B.C.; Sioux Lookout, Ont. and New Brunswick. As you can see, very few of them were in Ontario. Yes, I was willing to travel out of province to work. I just wanted work. As you either know, or will see, I may have been too eager. But other than that, March wasn’t all that exciting. I do believe this is also the month when I began to mark the case studies for the media/communications law class I TAed. And let me tell you, marking them was an adventure. I tried to be kind and fair. Okay, I was fair; I had to be. I couldn’t go and give people I didn’t like marks they did not deserve. And I had to be constructive in my comments; I couldn’t say something like this: “No, that’s completely wrong. How could you even think something like that was possible.” And trust me, it was hard, because some of what my students wrote was pretty dumb. It was like they didn’t even understand the subject matter. And some clearly did not.

April through June to come.